Topics and special sessions

Scientific scope

  • Fundamentals on ionizing radiations interactions with polymers
  • Polymer ageing : Defect creation, chemical structure modifications, properties modifications
  • Ionizing radiations for polymer-based medical and pharmaceutical devices
  • Design of new material using ionizing radiations / Polymer nanostructuration
  • Gels
  • Biopolymers
  • Polymer curing and surface treatment
  • Instruments and installation for irradiation
  • International cooperation activities


Special sessions

Two special sessions will be held during IRaP 2016:

  • Tribute to N. Betz, co-founder of the IRaP symposium
  • A session on gels (hydrogels, nanogels and others) will be devoted to Prof. J.M. Rosiak, pionieer of radiation technologies for hydrogels synthesis, for his retirement 



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